Al Aqsa Islamic Society Interfaith Programs

Al-Aqsa has been host to the Interfaith Peacewalk for the past 15 years; it has evolved to include Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, Baha’i, secular humanists, and others who share the values of peace and justice.

Outreach Programs

Al Aqsa Islamic Society Outreach Programs

Al-Aqsa Islamic Society is partnered with many community groups and organizations throughout the area including programs for the arts, interfaith, community improvement, social services, peace walks and more.

Saturday School

 Al Aqsa Islamic Society Saturday School

The Quran Memorization program is open to children ages 5+ every Saturday from 12-3pm. We offer an engaging learning experience for children and youth to explore the fields of Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies. Read More...

Youth Club

Al Aqsa Islamic Society Youth Club

The Al-Aqsa Youth Club is a great opportunity for young Muslims ages 7-16 years old to build strong character, explore their creativity, and discover ways that they can help their community.

Al-Aqsa Islamic Society
1501 N Germantown Ave | Philadelphia, PA 19122
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